Unsatisfied With Your Final Document And The Treatment You're Getting From Your Editors?

Are You A Writer, Author, Business Or Student Looking For Professional Editing Services?

A well-polished, clean and flawless document is the ultimate desire of every author, business or student, but getting it has turned into a frustrating experience.

Since 2017, TACT Editorial House has helped individuals and businesses turn their written content into  clean and flawless pieces through a system of thorough copyediting and proofreading.

We process and specialise in all kinds of content, including books, scripts, blogs, reports, e-mails, letters and narratives for social media posts, web content, magazines and marketing materials.

At the moment, we have some openings and are able to take on new clients. Get in touch with us now.

Your Go-To Editing and Copywriting Company

TACT Editorial House is a Lagos-based editorial company in Nigeria that provides copyediting, proofreading and copywriting services for individuals and businesses looking to maintain their credibility and brand image within their industry.

We help writers, authors, bloggers, students and businesses to enhance the contents while preserving their intents.

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We take care of your copyediting, proofreading and copywriting needs with courtesy, passion and tact. Our services are customised to suit the unique needs of our clients.

Line Editing

Here, we focus on writing style and voice, readability, clarity, flow and consistency. Awkward phrasing and passive voice are also looked out for and corrected. It is the smoothening stage in the editorial process where each sentence is checked to ensure they make sense while reading. Repeated or redundant words, as well as punctuation errors, are butchered or cut-off.


Here, botched GPS (Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation) errors are attended to and corrected. The manuscript is cleaned up, making sure it makes sense and is well polished for the intended audience. This process ensures consistency with capitalisation, hyphenation and numerals throughout the document.


This is the final gatekeeping or prepublication stage. A last run-through is carried out to catch errors or omissions missed during the previous rounds or those introduced during the design or layout process. This stage is often referred to as the quality control stage.


We write attention-grabbing, curiosity stimulating and lead-generating copies that sell. These copies convert potential customers to paying customers.

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